Wednesday, May 8, 2013

The OTM multi-stage follow-up module

OTM offers the option to follow up quotations not yet converted to orders by sending e-mail to the customer.

Set the number of days after a quotation for this option to be active and visible under >Administration >Preferences >Project management settings. The default setting is three days.

If the option is active, the status bar for order receipt is set to yellow and an e-mail icon appears.
Clicking the icon opens an e-mail form with a default text. The last quotation generated is automatically appended to the e-mail as a PDF file. After the e-mail is sent, “(1)” appears after the e-mail icon.
Clicking the icon again opens another e-mail form with a second default text differing from the first text. After the second e-mail is sent, “(2)” appears after the e-mail icon.
If desired, further e-mail messages can be sent for follow-up, but in that case the messages should be adapted individually.

E-mail sent with this module is saved in the customer e-mail section for the particular project. The default e-mail texts (Stage 1 and Stage 2) can be edited under >Administration >Standard texts >E-mails.