Wednesday, December 15, 2010

New Guided Tutorials for Online Translation Management

In order to support our growing user community in mastering the essential processes for successful management of a language services business with the Online Translation Manager (OTM), we are creating a series of guided tutorials in which common workflows are explained interactively, step by step in a test project using the software.

At the other end of the tutorial project correspondence is a “live” support staff member, so any difficulties or specific questions can be handled quickly and easily.

The first two tutorials cover quotation requests via the OTM web form and include file uploads, correspondence, quotation, project acceptance, assignment to a translator (the OTM user in the case of a freelancer or translating PM or another translator if the OTM user is an outsourcer), delivery of the finished project to the client, invoicing and closing the project with a request for feedback.

Other guided tutorials deal with project requests which arrive via e-mail with varying degrees of information. These tutorials are an excellent way for those who test OTM on a free 30 day trial to get up to speed quickly on critical processes.

Other important sources of information for learning to use are the webinars in German and English offered by, static web tutorials covering various aspects of use and the comprehensive context help in the program, with its innovative display technique that allows you continue to work alongside and benefit from the explanations. support staff are also available during CET business hours to answer questions by e-mail or telephone.