Sunday, April 15, 2012

_changelog OTM Update 5.6 – 2012-04-12

The project manager or administrator can generate a certificate in OTM to attest to the quality and correctness of a translation. The issuer of the certificate is the respective agency. The recipient of the certificate is the particular end customer.

Sample certificate text

The certificate text can be edited and can be changed under >Administration >Standard texts >Documents (PDF) below the invoices section.

 Files for which certificates are required must be marked in the project's file repository:

Generating the certificate is optional and only possible if the relevant project has at least one line item with a translation service. Only one certificate can be issued per project. In case of an error, a certificate can be re-issued.

The certificate for translations in a project is generated as a separate PDF document and saved in the project’s document repository. A certificate can be previewed before it is generated.

The certificate is produced at the same time as the final invoice if the option to create the certificate is checked. The certificate and invoice are generated as two separate documents and sent as two different e-mail attachments as required.

A standard e-mail text from >Administration >Standard texts >E-mails is used automatically if a certificate is created together with the invoice and the option to send by e-mail is marked.
The certificate will be printed on the agency’s letterhead.

Editable text sections

1. Certificate subject line
2. Certificate body text
Placeholders in the body text:
- the project number [% PROJECT_NUMBER %],
- the project description [% PROJECT_NAME %] (if there is one),
- the file names of translated file(s): [% PROJECT_CERTFILES %],
- the source and target language(s) [% PROJECT_LANGUAGES %]

Certificates can have two signatures

As a custom tag for signatures, you can use
a) both custom tags [% SIGNATURE_PM %] and [% SIGNATURE_SECOND %] together or individually or b) the combined tag [% BOTH_SIGNATURES_SIDEBYSIDE %].

New menu item

The signature files (file format: PNG or JPG) can be uploaded to OTM at >Administration >Corporate Identity >Signature files. The image is scaled automatically to a standard size and can be used at the desired position by setting a placeholder in the document. You can define whether the certificate should always bear the signature of a particular person (such as the managing director) or the signature of the respective project manager, or both.

The certificate is associated unambiguously with the project via the file name and can be downloaded from the project documents.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

New Video Tutorial: Redirecting E-Mail Requests to OTM

Our new 100-second video tutorial shows how to redirect a quote request of an existing customer from your e-mail programm directly to your OTM account.