Monday, May 3, 2010

_changelog OTM Update 2.0 - 2010-05-03

  1. A list of the terms for areas of specialization can also be displayed in Quote > Address and Quote > Line items > Areas of specialization.
  2. The inquiry form for project managers is now integrated into the PM-front end and is no longer a pop-up.
  3. Agency administration: Navigation menu has been revised, one (sub-) menu item per tab.
  4. Accounts payable vouchers: Agencies can specify in OTM whether resource invoices are to be created by the resources themselves, or whether credit notes are created by the agency (self-invoicing). Invoices from resources will have a document number issued by OTM. Resources can input additional invoice numbers in accordance with their own bookkeeping requirements.
  5. The input of taxes and of tax rates for accounts payable vouchers for domestic clients (agencies) is handled by the resources on their service pages.
  6. The CSV-exports of receivables (invoices) and payables (accounts payable vouchers) include the taxes and tax rates contained in the particular voucher (but not their specific amounts; these may have to be calculated individually from the gross amounts).
  7. Creditor numbers (specific to the agency) can be appended to resources, and debtor numbers can be appended to clients. These numbers also appear in the CSV-exports.
  8. A code is provided in Agency-Administration > CI > OTM-Website which permits the incorporation of the inquiry form into an existing agency web site using the
    <  iframe > tag.
Next update is scheduled for June/Juli 2010.