Monday, February 28, 2011

_changelog OTM Update 4.1 – 2011-02-28

Configuration for exporting data from the bookkeeping module

The data export for invoices and payable vouchers can be customized under >Bookkeeping >Bookkeeping export (configuration). The sequence of field contents, column delimiters and file format for the export (TXT or CSV) can all be configured as required.

Templates can be created and saved.  Saved templates can be changed. A template is selected as the default for export in each case.

The exports for selected documents can be performed under >Bookkeeping >Invoices or >Bookkeeping >Payable vouchers. The export files are UTF-8 encoded.

Bookkeeping data exported from OTM can be read into external accounting software (such as DATEV®, SAP®, Lexware®, SAGE® and others) and processed further in those environments.

Additional resource administration options

Under >Administration >Agency resources there are now filters for >Applicants and >Candidates that enable searches to be limited so that particular language combinations can be found more quickly, for example. The sort functions (column sort) were also expanded.

The list of candidates now shows which information is missing in the profile of a particular resource. A three-stage e-mail function has been added with which resources can be encouraged to complete the necessary data in their profiles. The text of the e-mail messages can be customized (in English, Spanish and German) in the administration module.

Please note: resources are available for job assignments only after all the required data are entered.

OTM currencies

The Israeli shekel (ILS) has been added as a currency.

Display of the time zone selected by the user

The project manager interface now shows the time zone chosen by the user at the upper right of the main menu. Adjacent to it the difference from UTC is displayed.  Clicking the icon next to the time opens the external web page at with comprehensive time zone and calendar information.
Previously the system time of the user’s computer was displayed at this location. This is usually shown by the computer anyway at the lower right of the screen.

Et cetera

The update to OTM version 4.1 contains more than 100 major and minor improvements.