Tuesday, July 6, 2010

_changelog OTM Update 2.5 - 2010-07-05

  1. Services are configurable for agencies
    Administration > Agency > Core data > Projects
    The services offered by the agency can be selected here. Services which are not selected do not appear in the system’s list of services, for example on the quote request form.
  2. Bookkeeping
    If there are changes to the master data for the resource between the time a credit voucher is downloaded and the status is changed to “paid”, a warning will be shown next to the status selection box.
  3. Line item specific taxes
    Individual tax settings can now be defined for the line items of quotations and orders.
  4. Subtotal
    A subtotal can be inserted in the quotation after a line item:
    Quote > Line items > Edit line item > Quantification / Price > (checkbox selection)
  5. Exporting search results
    Part or all of the search results list for customers or resources can be exported in LDIF format.
  6. “Change password” for PMs in the project manager front end
    Project management interface > User preferences
  7. OTM basics / Q&A
    Linked via the PM front end
  8. New design for the customer front end
    The logout button was moved from the bottom left to the right top.

The next OTM update is scheduled for mid-July 2010.