Saturday, February 6, 2010

Browser war finally ended

For the benefit of our users we finally decided to pull Microsoft Internet Explorer® from the race. With the February OTM update, it will be no longer possible to login to OTM project manager's and administrator's modules with any IE version (see also post Oct. 2009).  
Note: OTM service websites for resources and customers are NOT affected by this decision.

The decision was made because MS IE is not conform to W3C's HTML and CSS standards. This causes tremendous extra time in programming, often resulting in unpleasant compromises.

We recommend to install a W3C-conform, even securer and much faster browser like Mozilla Firefox (Version 3 +), Apple Safari (Version 4 +) or Google Chrome (Version 5 +).

Of course, we´ll check MS IE9 in 2011 for compatibility issues :-)