Saturday, November 7, 2009

For those who have or have not ...

We´re happy to announce a new OTM feature. You can set up and publish your own OTM website. We´ll provide several design templates to choose from. The URL is a subdomain and would take the format ""
The website will include the following pages, with members each deciding which individual pages they would like to publish:
  • HOME
  • Services / Short Profile (if desired)
  • Request Form
  • Testimonials (if desired)
  • Client List (if desired)
  • Terms & Conditions (if desired)
  • Freelancer Application Form (if desired)
  • Contact
You don´t have to worry about HTML coding, each page is easy to edit (wordprocessor principle) in your OTM administration back end.

Your OTM website provides full integration of all the necessary forms and CRM items you need to successfully communicate with your customers.

For those who already run a website, it might be an interesting prospect to set up a second one. promotes your OTM website in internet search engines!

No extra cost for this service! This feature is included in the OTM license.

Sample OTM microsite: