Tuesday, June 16, 2015

OTM Update version 7.1

The 7.1 update adds a couple of sophisticated features to the OTM quality assurance module in the resource management section.

For details, please vist http://www.lsp.net/lsp-net-news.html#otm71

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

OTM Update version 7.0 rolled out

The OTM 7.0 update is about quality management, focusing on scoring and ranking of linguists.

OTM users now can fine-tune formal and liguistic quality criteria, refining results when searching for the project's best matching linguists. The new OTM QM tools are easy to use and well documented.

Please view our _changelog

Monday, January 26, 2015

OTM speed-up

Jump-starting the New Year, our relentless IT team finally succeeded after 2 weeks of hard data base forensics in speeding up most of the OTM pages by factor 3 to 4. Feels like a delayed x-mas present – nice to have :-)

Thursday, November 27, 2014

OTM SOLISTA – Survey results

The survey for freelance language service providers on managing orders and projects is now closed.

It was conducted in the summer and autumn of 2014 in English, German and Portuguese to help us plan our new business management solution for freelance providers, OTM SOLISTA.

You can find a short presentation of primary results on our project page:

Friday, October 31, 2014

SOLISTA – a personal edition of OTM

We are developing a personal edition of OTM, designed especially for individual freelance service providers. The new software is called OTM SOLISTA and is designed to reduce daily administrative burdens and support the success of your business.

LSP.net hopes to develop a tool which is best suited to your actual needs. Therefore we would be very grateful if you could take a few minutes (we estimate about 5 minutes) to answer some questions about your daily professional routine. The responses to this survey are anonymous.

LINK TO THE SURVEY: http://lsp.net/en-otm-solista.html

SOLISTA will be offered for a monthly fee of €9.99. The software runs on a web browser and provides the following benefits:
  • 50% less administrative effort due to the integration of scheduling, project management, accounting and more
  • Use of analyses from CAT tools to help prepare quotations and invoices
  • Quotations and invoices in 34 currencies (at ECB exchange rates)
  • Multilingual communication with clients and colleagues
  • Effective online marketing for your business
  • Secure data transfeand backup on our servers in Germany (not in the Cloud!)
All this together means best business practices and data security for you and your clientele.

We thank you for your interest and participation in the survey.

Friday, October 17, 2014

"Poodle" vulnerability fixed

When Google researchers published their "Poodle" vulnerability report on October 14th, LSP.net took immediate action by fixing this security issue on OTM servers. OpenSSL has been upgraded to version 1.0.1j and the OTM webservers now deny connections via the deprecated SSLv3 protocol. As a consequence, Windows XP users surfing with the ancient Internet Explorer 6 are no longer able to connect to OTM resource and client interfaces.